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  Urethane pumping technology has made the replacement of many damaged concrete slabs unecessary. Concrete floors, streets, sidewalks, patios, pads, etc. that are still quite structuraly sound can be leveled again with this system. The need to remove large areas of concrete is no longer necessary in many instances, if your concrete areas have become unlevel over time due to erosion and/or sinking, the urethane leveling process is right for your project. There have been similar processes developed over the years to level concrete such as 'mud jacking', this process worked OK until the new urethane foam process was developed and has replaced older processes in speed, economy and accuracy. Mud jacking sometimes required tons of a concrete grout mixture to be pumped under unlevel areas in hopes of making them level again adding extra weight that may create more problems, with the urethane process all the guesswork has been eliminated. UltraSound equipment determines where and how large the eroded areas are under the slab, and a precise mixture and quantity of high-density urethane is pumped into these voids raising the slab to within 1/10 of an inch accuracy. The weight of a cubic foot of TerraThane is aproximately 4 lbs. compared to 130 lbs. of concrete grout making the additional weigh of the repair almost negligible. The high compressive strength of urethane foam when cured is comparitive to the mud jacking process but sets up much faster and the re-leveled area is ready to be used within hours in place of waiting days for the grout mixture to cure. A small 5/8" hole is all that is needed to fill voids and that is easily patched with standard concrete patch material, mud jacking requires a 3" hole and tons of pressure to force the mixture into cavities and voids making the process dangerous for the applicators as well as other people and property in case a hose bursts or a blow out occurs.

Terrathane from EFIC is a high density polyurethane foam system for use in the re-leveling of concrete floors, streets, sidewalks, patios, etc. The urethane is pumped under the concrete to fill voids and cavities and lifts the concrete to within 1/10" accuracy. Even unstable and/or wet soils are no problem with this system, the urethane foam displaces water as it is pumped into the voids and does not degrade over time like the concrete grout systems. Urethane foam is stable, does not absorb moisture and is uneffected by freezing or heat under concrete.

  Stabilizing soils is another way TerraThane stands out above the rest. This urethane sytem can be used to stabilize soils at depths of 30 feet, avoiding the need to excavate in many cases the urethane can be pumped into infrastructure cavities and save many dollars and downtime

  The closed cell structural properties of TerraThane makes it an ideal product for infrastructure sealing, its ability to seal out water without the costly removal or excavation to access the areas to seal makes it a fast and economical remedy to water seepage.


Before Leveling
This concrete drive had sunk several inches below the garage floor level.

After Leveling
With urethane foam pumped under the driveway, it is now level with the garage floor. Cost for this fast and efficient remedy was far below the cost to tear out the concrete and replace it.







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